Bibliodemos' Docs


  • Purpose: Demonstrate Cyborganize

  • Subject: Trivial pursuits

  • Format: Pubmind T2 website

This is a T2 site, which means that its main purpose is to help me develop my writing. As a result, it's a rough experience for the reader. Everything is always under construction, and I'm not afraid to break things. These aren't rough drafts, but they're far from polished. That's what T1 sites are for.

A demo persona

I am Leo Littlebook. My Textmind contains 1/3 gigabyte of plain text. It is private, so I can't share it. Instead, I created the persona Bibliodemos. He plays video games. Since video games aren't real life, I can publish his Textmind on Gitgud.

Bibliodemos has no secrets, because all his personal files are publicly visible. This lets people learn how to manage their digital information from a live example.

Cracking the meta

Bibliodemos uses the power of Treefactor and Textmind to master video games. However, the methods used are generally applicable to any body of knowledge which can be expressed in plain text.

Bibliodemos currently focuses on two roguelikes: Castle of the Winds and Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. The former is an obscure nostalgic warmup. The latter I'll use to prove Textmind's ability to crack a meta.

What does "cracking a meta" mean? Revolutionizing a field. For example, heliocentrism revolutionized astronomy. OpenAI cracked the Starcraft and DOTA 2 metas. DeepMind triumphed over chess and Go.

Textmind enables superhuman performance, as I will demonstrate.

Conceptual bloom

Why the jellyfish logo? Because I use Treefactor to refactor this site's content. Like jellyfish, concepts bob upwards from the Bibliodemos Textmind, to the T3 blog, to this T2 site, where they grow and swarm, much like a bloom of jellyfish. Also, I suspect this is going to sting.


YouTube channel

The Textmind playlist shows all the phases of Textmind use, as I process Castle of the Winds notes.

There is quite a bit of DCSS gameplay. I don't recommend watching it. A number of players accused me of theorycrafting without playing the game, so I started uploading raw video of casual experimental gameplay to disprove their assertions. There's no advanced Textmind usage in those videos. Just some basic note capture and a bit of '3dashboard executive function.


Further reading

Technical documentation on Cyborganize is published under my hacker handle at Cyberthal's Docs.

I also write about Cyborganize from a nontechnical perspective at Littlebook's Docs.